Bluetooth Calling with Built-in Speaker and Microphone

If your watch and phone are connected via Bluetooth, the ANDFZ smartwatch lets you make calls via its built-in dial key. You can also receive or reject calls directly on your watch. Plus, your phone contact list syncs to the smartwatch, making it easy for you to make calls and find people in your contacts when needed. Equipped with a premium built-in speaker with 360D surround sound and a noise-reduction microphone, you can make calls with the perfect sound quality on your ANDFZ smartwatch.

1.32 Inch High-Definition TFT-LCD Display with 360 X 360 Resolution

ANDFZ smartwatches have the highest definition display screen of any watch on the market that can make phone calls. While most round-shaped smartwatches only have a resolution of 180 X 180 or 240 X 240, the ANDFZ smartwatch is changing the game with 360 X 360 resolution. This means better image quality with fewer jags. With a full-color touch screen, users can expect a next-level experience. In addition, the 2.5D glass cover, combined with its slightly tilted bezel design, makes it stylish too.

Health Monitor - Keep Track of Your Health and Monitor Key Health Metrics

ANDFZ watches monitor health functions, including heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels. The health monitor also offers 24-hour monitoring and detection, which the ANDFZ smart watch can automatically measure the health data at intervals over a set period. It can also measure your sleep quality and provide daily, weekly, monthly reports. Plus, with nineteen sports modes, including walking, running, cycling, mountaineering, basketball, yoga, tennis, and more, you can monitor your progress, calories, and your activity levels. ANDFZ smart watch also show your GPS data, it will automatically measure your steps, calories, distances on a daily basis. 

Day-to-day Functions that Improve your Quality of Life

ANDFZ smartwatches receive SMS, email, and social media messages, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Skype, Line, Instagram, and other real-time notifications. This function is super convenient, especially when users are outside or unable to take their phones out. Users will never miss any critical messages with wrist vibration notifications. In addition, it also assists with daily routines providing information on the weather, GPS data, NFC function, find phone, call records, workout records, sedentary reminders, hydration reminders, shake for photograph, and acting as a timer, alarm clock, stopwatch.